Esha has been our (my wife and I’s) friend for a long time; we met in college at Rutgers University. A few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Neel which made me realize how compatible the two really are! Neel called me a few months prior and told me his plan to propose at a vineyard and said that he wanted me to capture the moment. I was ecstatic and so excited for the two of them to start the next chapter of their lives together! He had a pretty good idea of how he wanted to do it and I gotta say, he executed it perfectly.

Since our other friends were going to be there too, we all got there earlier to help. I found a good spot to hide, and we waited for Esha to get there. Before she arrived, I took some photos of the nice decor, portraits of Neel, and shots of the beautiful ring. As she walked up to Neel, Esha was in awe and surprised at the set up. Neel, without any hesitation or nervousness, proposed and gave me a thumbs up right after!

I had the families come out for portraits, and then a mini portrait session so Esha and Neel could have photos to share with their family and friends.